Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Commitment

Commitment has everything to do with your integrity, in fact, the way you handle your commitments defines your integrity, or the lack thereof. Often, commitments are made and then taken very lightly:  for instance, you keep it when you feel like it ... and if not, who cares? Make no mistake, if you don’t honor your commitments you simply show your lack of integrity. 

There is no such thing as a “minor commitment”, one could treat lightly. You better make sure that you always and under any circumstances keep your commitments you made. Nobody really cares about the excuses you might provide for not keeping your commitment. You broke your word and will be perceived as not trustworthy. 

For any true leader keeping commitments made is mandatory. Demonstrating commitment is never easy though. Especially during tough and rough times you will show the material your are made of as a leader. When your world seems to fall apart, it will become tempting to compromise on your commitments. When you can resist this temptation, and boldly hold your line against all odds and adversities, then you are a true leader people will choose to follow. You will be rewarded with the reputation of unwavering integrity, and the commitment of others to you. 

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