Friday, February 15, 2013

On The Magic of Storytelling

Leadership is first and foremost having the vision of where to go. A vision is always long term, and, to me, long term means envisioning 10, 20 years ahead. Then, only then you can think about the strategy and tactics you might have to deploy to get there. And for that matter you need your people and their fantasies, and your people need to understand your vision ... they must become one with your vision, so to speak. Broadcasting your vision will not be good enough though, you must engage and excite your people ... you must play to their fantasies. Wrap your vision in a story ... a story compelling enough to get their full attention. The daily life is rough enough for people, the daily trivia numbing them already. To get their undivided attention, to tap into the full potential of their fantasies, people want to be romanced by your story. Enrich their world with your story! The greatest leaders in history were also great storytellers! There lies great power within the Magic of Storytelling.

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