Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the Secret of The Casual Conversation

The Secret of The Casual Conversation is one of the essential pieces of the Art of Communication. Knowing and understanding casual conversation, and then mastering it enables the leader to sense the underlying motives, concerns, wishes etc. of people. An excellent general knowledge is, of course, indispensable and any true leader must have that! Mastering Casual Conversation allows for connecting with others on a much deeper level. Being able to eloquently and educatedly participate in any conversation about any general topic, and demonstrating empathy for the others, attracts people to be listening to you. Leadership is about the influence a leader has in those who follow. and influence can only be built via establishing likability and trustworthiness. The Secret of The Casual Conversation is an essential skill any leader must have.


  1. Very true, Walter. I'm glad to be reminded of this by reading your post.