Tuesday, February 05, 2013

On Traditional Leadership

In the long history of mankind there was always a small group of people leading. Sometimes, these were the smartest, and sometimes these were the strongest and bravest. Over time different systems brought about different leaders. Yet, they were all either smart, strong, or brave ... or all three of it. One quality, however, has been there in all of them: they knew that power is never granted, power is taken! This has never changed. The traditional system evolved being based on command and control, a system that worked so well ... or so it was thought. 

With the rapid advancements in technology, mainly information technology, virtual social networks appeared. These networks are effectively disrupting the way information was exchanged before. Suddenly, everyone has the ability to participate on these platforms, to cooperate and cocreate, and, even more important, make oneself heard. Corporations, organizations at large are feeling the impact and their leadership must react. Reacting alone might not be good enough though. Knowing and understanding the art of communication, and the power of cooperation and cocreation is making it necessary to creatively destroy the old systems and bring about a new kind of leadership: Leadership embracing cooperation and cocreation!

We are just at the very beginning of understanding what we have at hand already.




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