Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Training

When looking around in organizations and corporations, the lack of training of people in leadership positions becomes apparent. My own corporate experience was no different. There was a seminar here and there, a couple of days during the year ... that was it. No one seemed to care enough making sure we would have the best leaders. And the rest of the industry was no different. 

Leaders, to me, are born with certain talents, and then leaders are made. Talent alone is not, and never was, good enough. A well-trained but untalented person beats a talented one without training anytime. Selection of the right people is crucial. For that purpose a thorough assessment needs to be performed. Those, based on the assessment, being recommended as future leaders must then have a thorough training, learning the essential skills of leadership, and then practice it time and again. That distinguishes the military from the rest: Leaders are very well trained, are going through tough exercises, learning and practicing the skills. Training for that actually never ends, you serve and you train. There is no other way to achieve mastery ... talent or not ... you must do the work. Being exposed to extreme situations cuts quickly through all the BS. 

Leadership is an Art and must be taught and studied as such. Learning the skills of leadership means achieving craftsmanship at its finest. And in order to stay proficient one must practice, practice, practice. It always surprises me that so little is done in organizations and corporations, to bring about the best leaders, leaders fit for the challenges ahead. One can only imagine the blunder attributable to bad or inexistent leadership.

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